About OHS Consulting

OHS Consulting is a Westport based company which aims to provide your business with a one stop solution to all of your Health and Safety requirements, we service clients nationwide from a wide range of industries.

OHS Consulting is run by Sarah O’Halloran who has over a decade of experience in the field of Health and Safety. OHS Consulting is proud to be featured as a recommended consultant by Safe T Cert which is one of Ireland’s most recognised certfication bodies.  Our ethos is to give you the confidence to successfully implement health and safety in your business in a professional helpful and engaging manner.

We work closely companies of all sizes to develop and implement Health and Safety Management systems by a process of integration, communication and training. We service businesses from all industries from construction to hospitality and everything in between.

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    Many SME’s find themselves asking what are the benefits of implementing health and safety in their business, or wait until something happens to look for advice. The fundamental reason is to ensure that you are doing your utmost in Health and Safety compliance.  Other reasons why health and safety may benefit your business include:

    • Insurance Compliance
    • Insurance Premium Reductions
    • Employer’s Legal Compliance
    • Winning Tenders
    • Achieving Accreditation
    • Establish a Safe Working Environment
    • Accident Prevention
    • Financial Savings
    • Safe Operational Practices
    • Hazard Identifications
    • Positive Cultures
    • Proactive Workforce 

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